We No Longer Endorse Floy Andrews for Assessor


Progressive Friends of Contra Costa No Longer Endorses Floy Andrews for Contra Costa Assessor. She accepted political donations from Big Oil.

An Important Message from the Progressive Friends of Contra Costa Regarding Floy Andrews Taking Dirty Oil Money

We are disappointed to share sad information about a candidate we thought would be a voice for change. Progressive Friends of Contra Costa enthusiastically endorsed Floy Andrews for Assessor in Contra Costa when she announced her candidacy. She seemed the perfect candidate to represent progressive values in the East Bay. 

Despite her pledges to not accept petroleum money, Floy has accepted BIG OIL donations. If not from the refinery itself, by refinery lobbyists and employees. These refineries claim to be going "greener" and need a fake progressive to shill for them.

Refineries have been tampering with the Assessor's office and the Assessment Appeals Board for years. Floy Andrews currently serves on the appeals board. Makes sense the refineries want her in office to stack the deck in their favor to lower their taxes. 


Oil pollutes politics, just as it pollutes our Mother Earth.

As a result of her disqualification, and a lack of another candidate that represents womyn, Wiccans, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, neurodiversity, or other under-served groups, we must endorse no candidate for this office.

Please write in NONE OF THE ABOVE as a protest against lack of representation for this position on the ballot.

Progressive Friends of Contra Costa REVOKES Endorsement of Floy Andrews



For posterity and transparency, below is our original endorsement.


Floy is the Progressive We Need!

Floy Andrews is a woman of many talents. Floy is an environmental attorney. She is on the steering committee of the Richmond Progressive Alliance as the Recording Secretary. As a member of the RPA Steering Committee Floy helps plan actions, collaborations, and statements on behalf of the RPA. She has worked in Berkeley for years as a manager of a socially conscious coffee cooperative and even Floy served on Berkeley Chamber committees. 



We need her Progressive Berkeley values in our county now more than ever.

Contra Costa needs new, progressive, socially woke leaders that are committed to greener, equitable, social and economic justice. We are a group of progressive friends that are working for change in our county. Our political goals are to abolish Prop 13, defund the police, impose rent controls, livable minimum wage, higher taxes on businesses and the rich, removal of the patriarchy, reversal of climate change, and a socially and economically just landscape for all. 

This page and our message is not affiliated with any party or candidate. We are open to all, especially progressive minded Democrats, Greens, and Democratic Socialists.

Progressive Friends of Contra Costa Endorses Floy Andrews for Contra Costa Assessor


We need to tax land owners more to pay to heal our planet. ABOLISH PROP 13!

Who We Are

We are the Progressive Friends of Contra Costa, a grassroots group that are unified in our Progressive values and our desire to act on them. We are inclusive and all progressives, liberals, Greens, Democratic Socialists, anarchists, and beyond. Our planet is being deluged with a perfect storm of plutocratic patriarchy, a global pandemic, astronomical and growing wealth inequality, white supremacy, social injustice, and the industrialized hellscape that is destroying our environment. Here in Contra Costa, and in our communities and neighborhoods, we are taking a stand. We can all act locally by speaking, acting, and resisting in the places we live and work. We must always push for a better HERE and NOW.

Land Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land. We live within the traditional homelands of the indigenous peoples collectively known as Ohlone, Miwok and Yokuts. Consistent with our Progressive values we have a responsibility to acknowledge the history of the land upon which we stand, recognize that these Native people are alive and members of our community, and to never forget the colonization, enslavement, and attempted genocide of their ancestors by Europeans.

This page and our message is not affiliated with any party or candidate.

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